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Rodents are warm blooded animals and can be found in many places around the world. They have a special classification of teeth that helps them turn any form of material into food. Rodent is a term used to classify a group of household and wild pest that includes rat, mice, squirrels and the rests. They are potentially dangerous mammals, very ferocious against any type of useful material and also vectors of infectious substances, foul and dangerous to human health. They are always present in groups and are attracted to rough, dirty and stuffy places. They can also be found in areas where there is constant food supply. ‘Rodentia,’ is the scientific word for classifying these wicked mammals. Rodentia consist of almost twenty hundreds of various specie of mammals.

Basking Ridge Rodent Control Services

Rodent Control Roxbury | Common Types

The most dominant is the muridae, a particular specie of giant rat making up sixty percent of the rodent family. When rodents find their way into the home, it becomes a very serious problem. They consume nearly all kind of materials at their reach; food items, paper, wood, metals etc. Their small size and their speed makes their evil operation unnoticeable. Any item they come in contact with becomes infected and could lead to very serious diseases. Rodents are extremely difficult to eradicate. To control or eliminate them completely, one needs professional assistance from a pest control expert. We have been providing pest control services to residents of Roxbury town for decades now. We have pest control professionals who will strategically detect their hideouts, examine damages that they have caused, and drastically reduce their population. Our rodent control service includes strategic plans and traps to create a house free of rodents.

Rodent Control Roxbury | Rodent Elimination

The first step in eliminating rodents is to first discover signs of their presence

Firstly, there several hints to discover their presence. Rodents operate very fast. When you sight them, In the twinkle of an eye, they disappear and would never show up again until its dark. When you hear noise of strange rumblings in your kitchen, your room or your store, it is likely you have them around. When you perceive foul smell of urea, or you notice certain places are very damp or when you discover objects in your home have been badly bitten or eaten, it means this cold blooded mammals are having a tour in your house. Don’t hesitate further, begin to practice our rodent control strategies. Use our rodent poison. Rodents are always in the search for crumbs, left over food. Now that we know this, we can turn the tables against them. Injecting or food items with poisonous substances and placing them in strategic places around their hideout is very effective in eliminating them. This poisonous substances will either kill or attack their reproductive. This will stop them from reproducing because rodents reproduce at a geometric rate. The only offense with this method is that there will be foul smell of dead rodents in the house so a day after setting them up, the search for the dead rodents should begin.

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