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Morris country NJ has a moderate climate with a warm and moist summer and comparatively cold winters. Morris country is a relatively tropical country located in New Jersey of the United States. Having several rivers and various not-very-high mountains peeking through its forests, the country has an undulating terrain and a temperate climate.

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Pest Control Morris County | Temperature and Pests

On average, there are 206 sunny days yearly. Temperature range is from about 18 degrees in cold January to 84 in warm July. Hence, humans, other mammals, birds and other organisms find the area mild and comfortable, making it a thriving location for pests. Pests are almost everywhere though, the ones common to this area are the insects. The ants especially. The subterranean termites, carpenter ants, pavement ants, citronella ants, wasps, hornets, carpenter bees, flies, bugs, cockroaches etc. are common pests found in and around homes around this area, not leaving out mice and rats. The climate condition determines the presiding pest activity. We see increases in mouse activity when the days are dry and hot. Carpenter ants tend to stop moving around to lessen their moisture loss. Insects such as lady bugs, stink bugs etc. start to migrate indoors shortly after mid-year.

Pest Control Morris County | Pest Damages

Pests disturb, destroy and damage properties. They don’t offer anything good. They interfere with human activity in the quest for their survival and make life difficult for us. They pose a serious threat to not only our carefully acquired property but our health also.  No one wants pest adding to their already piled problems. No one wants them around hence, pest control.

Effective pest control requires some knowledge about the pest and its behavior.  It’s not a once and for all event. It’s something you do, do again and keep doing if not, they’d return just when it seems they’ve been eradicated. First, the pest has to be identified. They should be evident in the kitchen or places where food is kept. You could have just noticed that your newly acquired carpet has been drilled by rodent teeth. Their activities are evident and can be easily spotted. The second step is to study their lifestyle. The times they show up, what they are after, where they come from etc. All these so that you can device strategic means to put an end to them. Not permanently but so that subsequent attacks would be fully prepared for, controlled and duly prevented.

There are several methods of controlling pests. The mechanical or physical method which is not very effective involves you directly taking them out with your hands using simple tools and by setting traps. Pesticides and Insecticides entails the chemical control methods. Various chemicals to control different pest species but one must be careful not to damage his property or other non-target organisms in the process. It is also noteworthy that some serious and stubborn pests can develop resistance against pesticides that killed their ancestors. The biological method may require some level of expertise in the field. It entails controlling pest by other organisms which are natural predators of the pests.

Pest Control Morris County | Temperature and Pests

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