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Bridgewater Carpenter Ant Removal

Bridgewater Carpenter Ant RemovalCarpenter ants are sneaky and rarely seen up close in the Bridgewater NJ area. The problem with these guys is you can’t ignore these pests and hope that they’ll eventually go away. In fact, if given the proper time, space, and materials, these ants can cause a big amount of damage. That’s why Bridgewater carpenter ant removal is a must if you’ve got a bad infestation. Carpenter ants are some of the largest ants in the country. They usually range from 3.4 to 13mm long and are black in color, although sometimes we see red or yellow color variations. Here’s some of the damage these pests can cause if you just wait instead of calling a professional for Bridgewater carpenter ant removal service:

Possible Damages if You Neglect the Need for Bridgewater Carpenter Ant Removal

If given enough time, these pests can create extensive damage. Contrary to popular belief, these ants do not eat wood. Instead, as they create tunnels and space for their nests inside wood, they remove wood as they go. The wood they remove with their strong jaws is called frass and is dropped into piles that look like sawdust. A long-standing carpenter ant colony can easily weaken your structural foundation by hollowing out building lumber and window frame and sill wood. It has been reported by some insurance companies that carpenter ants do as much structural damage each year as natural disasters, making Bridgewater carpenter ant removal very important

Out in nature, carpenter ants tend to take up residence in stumps and rotting logs. However, when inside, they prefer to create their nests in spaces where the wood has been exposed to high levels of moisture. At times, the nests they construct can house several thousand ants and can consist of an extensive network of galleries and tunnels that go largely unseen. You definitely don’t want this in the structure of your home. If you fear you may have an infestation, you should call for Bridgewater carpenter ant removal.

Looking for the Best Bridgewater Carpenter Ant Removal Services?

PermaKill Exterminating Co., LLC, was established in 1984 and is a locally owned and operated family business.  We are not a franchise which means we tailor our services to the problems we find using the best tools at our disposal.  Our specialty is providing scientifically proven treatments to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need  squirrel removal service, termite treatment, bat removal, or any other pest service, we have got you covered! We provide pest control service in the counties of Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren and Sussex including, but not limited to the following towns: Chester, Flanders, Warren, Mendham, Bedminster, Bernardsville, Randolph, Basking Ridge, Long Valley, Morristown, and many more. For more information, you can call us at 973-584-6414 or visit the website.

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