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Morris County Earwig ExterminatorEarwigs in New Jersey | Morris County Earwig Exterminator

Don’t let the name fool you, Earwigs are actually garden pests that don’t do any harm to humans.  Though their name comes from an old European superstition that they could crawl into your ear while you were sleeping and bore into your brain, we know today that this is completely false.  Though earwigs have nasty looking pincers on their lower abdomen, they are only used for defense and mating, and they typically have no use for them on humans. However, most people don’t enjoy an earwig infestation in their North NJ home and will want to call a Morris County earwig exterminator.

Earwigs like to live in mulch and on green plants, and they are attracted to light.  These insects are small and brown, and can be identified by their large pincers.  Though earwigs don’t pose any harm to humans, they can pose harm to plants.  These little guys love to eat green plants and can cause a ton of damage in greenhouses and on crops.  When your plants become infested, it may be time to call in a professional to save your garden from being eaten away.