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antsMorris County Carpenter Ants Removal Services

Are you looking for Morris County Carpenter Ants Removal? Carpenter ants can cause damage to your home if left unchecked. They love damp areas and can quickly nest in your home. If carpenter ants reappear inside your home during the agreement period PermaKill will retreat at no additional charge. Treatment methods will be determined during inspection.

Based upon an inspection, many times we offer a partial treatment, i.e. exterior treatment. This partial treatment may be applied to a complete warranty treatment within 30 days of treatment. Partial treatments are offered if we believe the carpenter ants are simply entering from the outside and not nesting in the home.

Morris County Carpenter Ants Removal | Carpenter Ant Services

If carpenter ants are nesting in your home, we will choose from the following carpenter ant treatment techniques depending on the results of our inspections.  Each option is based upon your specific needs.

  • Exterior power spraying

  • Liquid application to basement sills

  • Liquid application to floor/wall junctions in basement and/or slab

  • Application of dust under kitchen cabinets

  • Application of dust in walls under kitchen sinks around water pipes

  • Application of dust under bathroom vanity, around toilet water pipe, around shower head, under bathtubs

  • Crack and crevice treatment in kitchen and bath

  • Application of dust in walls around vent pipes in attic

  • Application of dust in voids around pipes in basement

  • Application of dust in walls around pipes by washing machine

  • Application of dust door jams in basement where possible

Other Varieties of Ants (Tiny Ants) | Morris County Ant Removal Services

Many of our customers have “tiny ants.”  Some people call these “sugar or grease ants.”  The treatment for these ants is the placement of ant bait in strategic areas and an exterior treatment.  We offer a 90 day warranty on “tiny ants.”


odorous-antOdorous House Ants Exterminator

Deriving their name from the distinct coconut odor their crushed bodies emit, odorous house ants are tiny and dark brown to black.  To find their food, they travel together in long trails across indoor surfaces.  Although they don’t bite or sting, they can be a nuisance once foraging  begins and food contamination is possible.


pavement-antPavement Ants Exterminator

Pavement ants will eat nearly everything humans eat – plus insect both alive and dead.  They often enter homes in their quest for food, and can grow to large numbers in a short period of time, usually in a kitchen or on a patio.  Their name is derived from their favorite nesting places: typically under sidewalks and driveways, and inside building foundations.