Morris County Yellow Jacket Control

Yellow jackets can really ruin your summer. Not only do they leave painful stings, but if you or a family member is allergic, the result could be life threatening. If you are noticing yellow jackets want to keep you and your family safe from yellow jackets this summer, call a local Morris County Yellow Jacket Control company ASAP.

As we mentioned previously, a yellow jacket infestation can be hazardous to you, your family and guests. Once they build a nest, these flying pests begin multiplying immediately.  Surprisingly, all it takes is a small number of yellow jackets to turn into thousands in a few short weeks. To add insult to injury, if the yellow jackets perceive that their nest in in danger, they will swarm together and attack violently. We highly recommend you invest in Morris County Yellow Jacket Control if you notice a problem. If you opt to attempt to handle the problem DIY however, here are some tips:

Morris County Yellow Jacket Control

Tips for Morris County Yellow Jacket Control

Locate the Yellow Jacket Nest – When you first set out to exterminate the pests, you need to pinpoint the exact location of the nest. Without targeting the exact location, you will never get rid of the problem and you and your family will remain in danger.  Every time you go outside, try to figure out where the yellow jackets tend to be coming from. As you observe the direction they are coming from and going to, you can figure out where the nest is located. Generally, yellow jackets like make their homes on or near the ground. The more yellow jackets there are, the larger they build their nests. As you discover different entrances to the nest, put a marker by each one so you know exactly where to spray. Before you start, wait for the sun to go down, as this will greatly decrease your risk of getting stung.  Yellow jackets cannot maneuver well at night, to you will be sure to have the upper hand.

Begin Morris County Yellow Jacket Control Treatment

  • Pyrethrum is the first line of treatment that you will want to implement.  This effective pesticide kills yellow jackets on contact due to the harmful gasses that it releases. chemical creates a harmful gas inside the yellow jacket nest that kills the pests on contact.  This should be readily available for purchase in your local hardware store. After you implement the treatment, let it sit for at least 36 hours to dry.
  • After the Pyrethrum dries, you should implement a standard insecticide. This will take care of the eggs that may have survived the first line of treatment. Any live eggs that remain will die before they hatch. A standard insecticide can also be picked up at your local hardware store.
  • After both of these treatments are completed, keep an eye out for yellow jackets each time you go outside. If you stop seeing them, then you know that you have been successful. However, if you begin to see many yellow jackets around the area, you probably missed a portion of the nest. In this case, contact a reliable Morris County yellow Jacket control company, you should contact your local yellow jacket control company ASAP to come and irradiate those pesky insects.

Looking for Professional Morris County Yellow Jacket Control Services?

If your looking for reliable yellow jacket control services, look no further than PermaKill Exterminator Services! For over three decades, we have been providing hundreds of satisfied homeowners reliable yellow jacket and bee removal services throughout the entire Roxbury area. We are a local family owned and operated business and we genuinely care about the safety and well-being of your family.  We specialize in providing scientifically proven techniques and treatment methods to far exceed your expectations. For more information, you can call us at 973-584-6414 or visit the website.

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