Hunterdon County Pest Control Service

Hunterdon County Pest Control ServiceInsects and rodents can be a common sight in the Hunterdon County, NJ area. Sometimes, it can be tough to tell whether they are a threat to you and your home. Here are some signs that it is an issue that should be addressed by a Hunterdon County pest control service.

Signs that You Should Call for Hunterdon County Pest Control Service

  • Property Damage: Has something been gnawing on your furniture, rugs, clothing, or walls? Are there pencil-thin tunnels running along your walls? Have you encountered any chewed-upon wiring? These are all signs of pest-inflicted property damage that should be taken care of by a Hunterdon County pest control service. Rodent-gnawed wires are a known cause of electrical fires. Termite and carpenter ant damage can make the very structure of your house unsafe.
  • Droppings and Urine: If you’ve noticed rodent droppings or wet urine spots in your kitchen, pantry, or anywhere else in the house, you probably have mice or rats. Cockroach droppings are smaller and look like ground pepper. Both are health concerns for the people and pets in your house, and because these pests can carry deadly diseases, they are problems you will want to put behind you as quickly as possible. A Hunterdon County pest control service can make sure these pests are removed.
  • Scratching and Rustling Sounds: Those scratching and rustling sounds you hear mean pests have invaded your home, and you need to do something about them. If you’re lying in bed at night and hear scampering across your ceiling or along the walls, you have rodents in the house. If you hear rustling coming from inside the walls, there are probably destructive carpenter ants or termites living there. Give a Hunterdon County pest control service a call to address the issue
  • Pest Sightings:  If you see any household pest such as a mouse, rat, cockroach, termite, or bed bug, there are probably more nearby. In fact, you’re most likely to see some pests when infestations have grown so large that some colony members have been forced out of the overflowing nest.
  • Larger Rodents. While mice and rats are the most common home invaders, larger rodents, like squirrels, can find their way into your home. When trapped, these frightened animals can cause significant damage to both your house and to you. A Hunterdon County pest control service will have educated and equipped professionals to properly deal with these occasional invaders.

Looking for the Best Hunterdon County Pest Control Service?

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