Local Pest Control By Trained Professionals

Permakill Exterminating is a Flanders-based pest control company with highly skilled and professional technicians who use scientifically proven treatments, with your safety in mind.

We are a family owned and operated company and we take pride in the work we do in our community. Our services include everything from a one-time service to a complete Home Protection Plan and specialized service for your individual pest problems. Explore our pest management services page to find out the details of each of our extensive treatment programs for pests such as:

Pest Control – To Help Resolve Your Pest Problems

    • ants
    • bedbugs
    • beetls
    • crockroch
    • earwings
    • fleas
    • mos
    • rodent
    • spider
    • sting
    • termines
    • TICKS

We understand that what’s important to you is finding a company that can simply take care of pests in and around your home reliably and dependably. But here is some other information about PermaKill Exterminating that you might find interesting.