Morris County Yellow Jacket Extermination Service

Morris County Yellow Jacket Extermination

Yellow jackets can be an unfortunate pest to have to deal with during the summer months. They can often invade outdoor events and can be quite harmful to you and your family. If a yellow jacket colony becomes too invasive and dangerous, you should seek out Morris County yellow jacket extermination services. There are, however, several ways that you can attempt to keep yellow jackets away.

Morris County Yellow Jacket Extermination – Keep Them Away

1. Seal your trash cans securely! Yellow jackets will often be looking for some source of sugars or proteins. An easy place for them to find this is in our trash cans. All of the old food and sweet stuff that gets trashed will attract bees. This can be a major source of food for yellow jackets, so the more you can reduce it, the better. Not only do you need to seal your trash, but also make sure you clean it up! It is not uncommon for spills or trash to be left out after a gathering or party. If these messes are not cleaned up, you may find yellow jackets swarming in to scavenge.

2. Keep pet food inside. It may not seem like the most likely thing, but yellow jackets will eat your pet’s food. It is a good source of protein and can be relatively easy to access. If they are able to find a steady source of food coming from your pet’s bowl, they’ll keep returning. This is bad news for you and can also prove to be a danger to your pet.

3. Make sure your siding and awning are sealed properly. Yellow jackets will look to build their nest in a safe place. The closer it is to a possible food supply, the better. It’s important to make sure any cracks or loose places in your home are sealed, otherwise you may find some unwanted guests taking up residence. If this happens, it may be in your best interest to seek out Morris County yellow jacket extermination.

Morris County Yellow Jacket Extermination Service

Are You In Need of Morris County Yellow Jacket Extermination?

If your looking for reliable Morris County yellow jacket extermination services, look no further than PermaKill Exterminator Services! For over three decades, we have been providing hundreds of satisfied homeowners reliable yellow jacket and bee removal services throughout the entire Roxbury area. We are a local family owned and operated business and we genuinely care about the safety and well-being of your family.  We specialize in providing scientifically proven techniques and treatment methods to far exceed your expectations. For more information, you can call us at 973-584-6414 or visit the website.

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Morris County Wasp Control Service

Morris County Wasp Control

There’s nothing like summer time in New Jersey. Whether it’s going down the shore, hitting the pool or having a cookout, there’s no shortage of fun things to do. A wasp invasion can certainly turn any of these fun things into a nightmare. If you already have a wasp problem, it is best to call for Morris County wasp control services. If you’re lucky and haven’t had much trouble yet, there are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of wasps coming by.


Morris County Wasp Control – Prevention

  • Wasps love bright colors. Whether it’s your clothes, a table cloth, or any form of decor, it’s best to try and avoid them if possible. Naturally, a wasp may be looking for flowers. If you’re wearing the right colors to look like one, you may atMorris County Wasp Control Servicetract some unwanted attention.
  • Seal everything up well. Wasps, like any other creature, want a safe, sheltered space to build their nests. Some likely places could be your garage, through a hole or crack in your siding, the attic, or an awning. It is important that all of these areas are well maintained or closed off to ensure that wasps don’t settle down in your home. If wasps have already taken up residence you should contact Morris County wasp control experts to handle the situation.
  • Make sure you throw away all of your trash and keep all trash cans securely closed. Wasps will be loo
  • king for sources of sugar and protein for food. If your trash can is just open, they will have ready access to all of the excess food that you may have thrown away. They’ll also be quick to scavenge around after that family picnic if you’re not quick to clean up.
  • There are several types of traps that you may be able to look into purchasing. It is best to set out the traps in the spring time. Wasp queens are usually the wasps that you may find flying around in the spring. If you’re able to take them out of the picture early, you may save yourself a big headache.

Are You Looking for Professional Morris County Wasp Control Services?

PermaKill Exterminating Co., LLC, was established in 1984 and is a locally owned and operated family business.  We are not a franchise which means we tailor our services to the problems we find using the best tools at our disposal.  Our specialty is providing scientifically proven treatments to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need  cricket removal service, tick treatment, bee removal, or any other pest service, we have got you covered! We provide pest control service in the counties of Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren and Sussex including, but not limited to the following towns: Chester, Flanders, Warren, Mendham, Bedminster, Bernardsville, Randolph, Basking Ridge, Long Valley, Morristown, and many more. For more information, you can call us at 973-584-6414 or visit the website.

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North Jersey Spider Pest Control

Morris County Spider RemovalSpiders are probably one of the most common household pests in North Jersey. In the summer, they like to hang out in corners looking for lunch. And in the winter, they seek shelter inside to escape the cold weather. In our region spiders are, for the most part, harmless. Venomous spiders (brown recluse or black widow spiders) don’t often make it to these parts and if they do, its usually by accident. House spiders are not dangerous but they do tend to freak people out.

Common Places To Find Spiders

Spiders have a tendency to build unsightly webs in the corners of rooms. They also hang out in basements and attics, under furniture and in closets, and underneath decks and porches. Basically, any area that is dark and secluded is prime real estate for most arachnids.

Why Do I Have A Spider Problem?

Chances are if your home is attracting other bugs, you’ll have spiders too. Spiders feed mainly on insects, and if you manage your in-house insect population chances are you’ll see fewer and fewer spiders around the house. This task is best accomplished by partnering with a pest control company that offers a year-round program to eliminate common household pests.

Spider Prevention Tips

The best way to prevent a spider invasion is to try to make sure they cannot enter the structure in the first place. Here are a few ways you can keep these pests outside where they belong:

  • Seal cracks and crevices on the exterior of the structure, from the foundation to the top of the roof.
  • Caulk gaps around windows and doors.
  • Install door sweeps.
  • Trim bushes and trees away from the dwelling so spiders cannot use their branches as a bridge.
  • Inspect screens on exterior windows and doors to make sure they do not have any tears or rips in them.
  • Inspect packages before bringing them inside.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum in basement, attic and closet areas.
  • Fix leaky pipes and fixtures to eliminate a water source.

Professional Spider Control

The best way to control spiders in your home is with a year-round pest control service. Professional exterminators have the tools, knowledge and experience to resolve spider infestations. An ongoing plan also ensures that opportunistic pests do not re-infest. At Permakill, we offer protection from spiders with both our residential pest control program

If you have any questions, please call our office or email us at

Morris County Yellow Jacket Control

Yellow jackets can really ruin your summer. Not only do they leave painful stings, but if you or a family member is allergic, the result could be life threatening. If you are noticing yellow jackets want to keep you and your family safe from yellow jackets this summer, call a local Morris County Yellow Jacket Control company ASAP.

As we mentioned previously, a yellow jacket infestation can be hazardous to you, your family and guests. Once they build a nest, these flying pests begin multiplying immediately.  Surprisingly, all it takes is a small number of yellow jackets to turn into thousands in a few short weeks. To add insult to injury, if the yellow jackets perceive that their nest in in danger, they will swarm together and attack violently. We highly recommend you invest in Morris County Yellow Jacket Control if you notice a problem. If you opt to attempt to handle the problem DIY however, here are some tips:

Morris County Yellow Jacket Control

Tips for Morris County Yellow Jacket Control

Locate the Yellow Jacket Nest – When you first set out to exterminate the pests, you need to pinpoint the exact location of the nest. Without targeting the exact location, you will never get rid of the problem and you and your family will remain in danger.  Every time you go outside, try to figure out where the yellow jackets tend to be coming from. As you observe the direction they are coming from and going to, you can figure out where the nest is located. Generally, yellow jackets like make their homes on or near the ground. The more yellow jackets there are, the larger they build their nests. As you discover different entrances to the nest, put a marker by each one so you know exactly where to spray. Before you start, wait for the sun to go down, as this will greatly decrease your risk of getting stung.  Yellow jackets cannot maneuver well at night, to you will be sure to have the upper hand.

Begin Morris County Yellow Jacket Control Treatment

  • Pyrethrum is the first line of treatment that you will want to implement.  This effective pesticide kills yellow jackets on contact due to the harmful gasses that it releases. chemical creates a harmful gas inside the yellow jacket nest that kills the pests on contact.  This should be readily available for purchase in your local hardware store. After you implement the treatment, let it sit for at least 36 hours to dry.
  • After the Pyrethrum dries, you should implement a standard insecticide. This will take care of the eggs that may have survived the first line of treatment. Any live eggs that remain will die before they hatch. A standard insecticide can also be picked up at your local hardware store.
  • After both of these treatments are completed, keep an eye out for yellow jackets each time you go outside. If you stop seeing them, then you know that you have been successful. However, if you begin to see many yellow jackets around the area, you probably missed a portion of the nest. In this case, contact a reliable Morris County yellow Jacket control company, you should contact your local yellow jacket control company ASAP to come and irradiate those pesky insects.

Looking for Professional Morris County Yellow Jacket Control Services?

If your looking for reliable yellow jacket control services, look no further than PermaKill Exterminator Services! For over three decades, we have been providing hundreds of satisfied homeowners reliable yellow jacket and bee removal services throughout the entire Roxbury area. We are a local family owned and operated business and we genuinely care about the safety and well-being of your family.  We specialize in providing scientifically proven techniques and treatment methods to far exceed your expectations. For more information, you can call us at 973-584-6414 or visit the website.

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Morris County Carpenter Ant Extermination

Have you noticed creepy carpenter ants roaming around your home? If you’re ready to get rid of these unwelcome pests, Morris County Carpenter Ant Extermination is definitely the best option for you and your family.  Once carpenter ants make their way into your home, they start to multiply and eat away at the wood of your house!  You do not want to leave a carpenter ant problem untreated. Today, you will be getting the nitty-gritty on carpenter ant removal.

Morris County Carpenter Ants Extermination

Morris County Carpenter Ants Aren’t Picnic Ants!

There are many species of ants out there, and carpenter ants are among the largest in the Morris County area.  In appearance, they are often black in color and sport large pinchers. Sometimes they can even be brown or reddish in color. These ants love to chew wood, and can quickly turn solid wooden beams into hollow sticks! The longer the carpenter ants are in your house, the more they will multiply. This means that they will chew through your wood at an exponentially increasing rate. Many times, you will discover these pests living in wooden door frames or around the foundation of your home.  Their nests can be easily identified by the conspicuous wood shavings around the area. Although these critters are thought to eat wood, they actually don’t consume it. They chew through it to build nests. They really eat sugary foods and proteins just like yellow jackets and other pests.

Types of Morris County Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are divided into two main categories. You have your swarmer ants and worker ants. The swarmer ants have wings and the workers have the long feelers in the front.  The workers are sent out to search the area for food and the swarmers seek new areas to begin a fresh colony of ants.  It is also common to hear the ants burrowing around inside your home’s wooden beams. It sounds like a faint rustling. Unlike termites who actually consume the wood, carpenter ants will leave the wood dust in small piles outside their nests. If you see this, call an exterminator ASAP!

Morris County Carpenter Ants Removal
Morris County Carpenter Ants Removal

Morris County Carpenter Ant Extermination

Once you contact a Morris County Carpenter Ant Exterminator, they will implement chemicals to kill the ants.  If the infestation is handled right away, little or no damage your home’s wood work should have occurred.  It is vital to hire an experienced exterminator instead of attempting a DIY job. This is because if any ants remain leftover, they will start up right where they left off.  You may end up with an even worse infestation in the long run. It is also very important to make sure that there is no moisture problem in your home as moisture attracts the ants.

PermaKill Exterminating Co., LLC

PermaKill  was started started over three decades ago in 1984. As a locally operated and owned family business, PermaKill is the most reliable Morris County Carpenter Ant Exterminator!  They tailor each of their services to fit your needs and the problems your home has.  They specialize in providing the best treatments, scientifically proven and safe for your pets, family, and the surrounding environment.  The mission of PermaKill Exterminating is to provide the most advanced pest management services with the utmost safety and professionalism.  They strive to be prompt, courteous, and on-time.  Each worker is honesty, dependable, and concerned about your customer service.  Satisfaction is guaranteed!   Call them today for more information!  973-584-6414

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